zo 4 juni

Daddy Long Legs

Aanvang: 17:25
Stage: Main Stage

New York City’s most beloved blues bashers always bring an elevated level of rough and ready intensity to contemporary lo-fi blues with their explosive fire ceremony!

DADDY LONG LEGS, New York City’s most diabolical Rhythm & Blues street gang,  release their eagerly anticipated fourth studio album Street Sermons on March 17 on Yep Roc Records. The album is a testament to triumph over adversity. Written & recorded in the height of the pandemic against a backdrop of political tension , riots in the streets and an uncertain future. In dark times DLL shine their light- Street Sermons is an album of the times, for the times by a band of the people.


DLL fled the madness of the city to record Street Sermons at Old Soul Studios in Catskill, NY with Oakley Munson (Black Lips/Nude Party) producing. Cutting 12 killer tracks , the trio morphed into a quartet with Oakley stepping in on keyboards and piano. The LP also features  guest appearances from John Sebastian (Lovin’ Spoonful) and Wreckless Eric of “Whole Wide World” fame.


The album kicks off with Street Sermons, a statement of intent. Lead howler & harp blower Brian Hurd beseeches his troubled urban congregation to “ Work with one another/ Not against each other”. On this track DLL evolve into a Brooklyn chain gang that sounds like it’s emanating through the cracks of a hot & sticky Bedford Avenue.

“Nightmare”  was released as a teaser single in late September last year. During the depths of the pandemic lockdown Brian experienced a terrifying dream and awoke in a cold sweat. To exorcise the terror he immediately scribbled down his memories of the dream that then became “Nightmare” – Kinda a horror  version of Yesterday!

A scream worthy rocker about dealing with a world gone wrong…. “We’re livin’ a nightmare and this world is condemned; I’ll see you if this nightmare ever ends” shouts frontman Brian.


“Harmonica Razor”  is a dangerous R & B instrumental throwdown  which shows off Hurds prowess on the harp. It’s easy to see why Hurd has just won a coveted & justly deserved endorsement from Honer Harmonicas. “Star” proves the band can cool things down and deliver a country blues ballad of the highest order when the time calls for it

Over the last decade these fine gentlemen have burned down dance halls  the world over with their explosive fire ceremony and have amassed a cult like following all their own with an unbeatable reputation for being one of the finest  live acts on the road today. The boys recently returned from their first tours in Australia and New Zealand where they unveiled their new killer 4 piece format with Dave Klein on Piano who joins the original lineup of Hurd, Aktürk & Styles.

Their previous album Lowdown Ways (Yep Roc 2019) reached number 4 on the billboard blues charts and received 4 stars from rolling stone magazine who called it “Chicago blues fired at the moon played by the demented children of the pretty things” and you we can certainly expect good things to come from Street Sermons.

Their earlier output heralded two classic albums “Evil Eye On You and “Blood From A Stone” on the legendary mom & pop label Norton Records founded by NYC record boss Billy Miller and his wife Miriam Linna who was a founding member of The Cramps.


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