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Black Box Revelation (B)

Aanvang: 19:30
Stage: Main Stage



They rock! They fucking rock!(…)Simply the best rock band of the moment” Seasick Steve

Black Box Revelation is a band influenced by American Blues, British Pop Invasion, and it’s Psychedelic Rock offspring.

 Set Your Head On Fire (2007)

Silver Threats (2010)

My Perception (2011)

Highway Cruiser (2015)

Tattooed Smiles (2018)

New producer, new album, back on tour in the States.. New times for Black Box Revelation. As the world recovered from last years’ crisis, the duo from Brussels found their inspiration in Andy Savours‘ dark and hidden studios in West London. The producer, known for his work for Black Country, New Road, Arctic Monkeys and my bloody valentine, invited them to come over and work on their new songs and sounds. A great match it seemed, as the band’s urge for a rock ’n’ roll album, in the naive spirit of their debut Set Your Head On Fire, became unstoppable. No time to waste, because the rock duo had been asked overseas to play the notorious Psych Fest Las Vegas, following a grinding tour through the West of the US in August 22. These shows in the land of endless dreams were only a sneak peak of what’s coming… Black Box Revelation in its purest state of mind, including the pounding drums of Dries Van Dijck and the roaring guitars and screaming voice of Jan Paternoster. Their new songs from their upcoming album will be brought to the stages across Europe starting Spring 23.

Jan: “We felt like recording an album that will make the kids play guitars again. Music to lose your voice to by screaming along. Songs that make you throw your beer in the air when you see them live. It’s the rock ’n’ roll record we wanted to make and if you don’t like it, well… we won’t fucking care”.

Back In 2008, when the first album of Black Box Revelation was released, New York Times describes the rock duo perfectly: “The Black Box Revelation is two Belgian teenagers, Jan Paternoster on guitar and Dries van Dijck on drums, whose debut album, “Set Your Head on Fire” (Beverly Martel/T for Tunes), stomps its way toward garage-rock and proto-punk, with Mr. Paternoster yowling like Iggy Pop or Mick Jagger and calling for love. Every so often they strip the music down to something slow and bluesy. But the Black Box Revelation isn’t purely retro. They are just as happy with a drum-machine beat and a heap of overdubbed percussion, as long as the music makes its happy, trashy crash.”

Their most recent album, Tattooed Smiles (2018) was an album that Jan Paternoster & Dries Van Dijk could only have written at that point and place. They were not the teenagers anymore we knew from their debut, and wrote a powerful and emotional record, embracing the raw beauty of their cradle Brussels, and brutal esthetics of a lost generation looking for ways to survive in their homestead. This cultural richness shows itself in the album’s collaborations with the infamous Belgian Hip Hop artist Roméo Elvis. Black Box Revelation hasn’t lost touch with their original sound, and the old school American blues rock atmosphere still lingers around on the title track of the album and through the haunting vocals of Seasick Steve himself on “Built to Last”.

After both becoming fathers in recent years, the duo is going into the studio inspired by their new role and eager to challenge their selves in making their new (6th) album, expected to release in 2021.

Over the years Black Box Revelation has been able to write rock n roll history, being the first Belgian artists appearing on the late Late Show with David Letterman, recording in L.A. with producer & Queens of The Stone Age guitarist Alain Johannes, supporting Meat Puppets, Beady Eye, Jane’s Addiction, Iggy Pop and Seasick Steve, playing tours through the US and Europe, their music turning up in TV series such as Sons of Anarchy and True Blood.

In 2011, the band released their third album My Perception, including the hit singles Rattle My Heart and My Perception. For the album Highway Cruiser with hits Gloria and War Horse gathered with Thomas Brenneck (Charles Bradley, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson). On September 30 a live album was released with a selection of songs that were recorded live at Cactus Festival, Couleur Café and Rock Werchter.

The Belgian rock band was formed in 2005 by vocalist and guitarist Jan Paternoster and drummer Dries Van Dijck. The band achieved great reviews with their debut Set Your Head on Fire and second album Silver Threats, who both turned into golden albums.









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